FiberTite® 45 Mil SM Membrane

FiberTite® 45 Mil SM Membrane

Seaman Corporation’s 45 mil FiberTite-SM features an 18 x 19 / 840 x 1,000 denier weft reinforced polyester knit

fabric, coated with a proprietary compound, utilizing DuPont’s™ Elvaloy® Ketone Ethylene Ester (KEE) as the

principle polymer in the hybrid vinyl alloy coating.

  • Description

    45 mil FiberTite-SM is a 40-oz sq. yd/nominal 45-mil (1.1 mm)
    thick membrane. 45 mil FiberTite-SM not only meets or exceeds
    the minimum physical property requirements enumerated in
    ASTM D6754-15 Standard Specification for Ketone Ethylene Ester
    (KEE) Based Sheet Roofing, but exceeds the physical properties
    and performance characteristics of 60-mil competitive products.
    Seaman Corporation is vertically integrated, which allows complete
    control over the manufacturing process from the selection of the
    yarns, to the engineering, knitting and weaving of the base fabrics
    to the final coating process. Today, FiberTite Roofing Membranes
    are the result of Seaman Corporation’s 60 years of applied fabric
    engineering and coating technology.
    All FiberTite Roofing Membranes are constructed using high
    tenacity/heavy weight yarns to create a base fabric reinforcement
    to impart superior puncture, tensile and tear resistance properties.
    The base polyester fabrics are primed with a unique and proprietary
    adhesive coat that lays the foundation to physically bond the KEE
    coatings to the “fiber” to maximize seam strength and overall
    membrane performance.
    45 mil FiberTite-SM is coated on the face with Seaman
    Corporation’s original “KEE” formulation to provide superior hot air
    welding characteristics, extreme UV resistance, broad chemical
    resistance and long-term flexibility and reparability for the installed
    roofing membrane system. The back side of the membrane is
    coated with a slightly modified (SM) economical version of Seaman
    Corporation’s original KEE compound to control membrane costs
    while offering additional thickness and weather ability. Additionally,
    45 mil FiberTite-SM exhibits excellent tear, puncture, fungus, algae
    and flame resistance that make FiberTite Roofing Systems some
    of the most sustainable roofing systems available.
    45 mil FiberTite-SM membrane is manufactured in conventional,
    74-in and 100-in wide by 100-ft roll goods. 45 mil FiberTite-SM is also available in customized prefabricated roll widths and
    lengths that incorporate integrated fastening tabs, sealing tabs
    and also “no-tab” rolls of membrane up to 20-ft wide by 100-ft in
    length. Field seaming of the membrane is accomplished by fusing
    the thermoplastic membrane with conventional hot air welding


    45 mil FiberTite-SM Roofing Systems carry extensive FM Global
    and Underwriters Laboratories approvals. 45 mil FiberTite-SM
    Roofing Systems can be installed by mechanically fastening the
    membrane with FiberTite Magnum Fasteners and Stress Plates
    or adhering the membrane in FTR 190e bonding adhesive to preapproved substrates. 45 mil FiberTite-SM can also be installed in
    typical ballast configurations using conventional stone or paver
    For specific installation recommendations and requirements,
    please consult the most current versions of Seaman Corporation’s
    Guide Specifications for the Installation of FiberTite Roofing

Technical specification
  • Unique ref.fibertite-45-mil-sm-membrane
  • Collection setRoof Systems
  • CollectionMembranes
  • TypeBuilding Materials
  • Date of publishing2022-07-25
  • Edition number1
  • BIMobject CategoryConstruction Materials - Waterproofing & Membranes
  • IFC classificationRoof
  • UNSPSC nameRoofing membranes
  • UNSPSC code30151505
  • Uniclass 2015 CodeSs_30_40
  • Uniclass 2015 DescriptionRoof and balcony covering and finish systems
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code07 50 00
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 TitleMembrane Roofing
  • OmniClass TitleRoof Coverings
  • OmniClass Number23-13 39 29
  • CSI UniFormat II CodeB3010
  • CSI UniFormat II TitleRoof Coverings

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