Hiansa is one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of profiled steel sheets for roofs and facades of fundamental application in industrial construction. Located in the south of Spain, and with 40 years of experience in the sector, Hiansa offers a wide range of products in Sandwich Panel, Profiled Sheets, Polycarbonate Lighting Panels, Refrigerated Panel and Composite Slabs.

This range includes not only the profiles but also a wide variety of finishes (galvanised and pre-laquered) and special pieces to complete the project: curved, perforated profiles, sandwich panels with an insulating core in rigid polyurethane and poly-isocyanurate foam, refrigeration panels, self-supporting trays and also systems complementary natural lighting, ventilation and insulation, sheet metal for composite slab, DECK roofs, trims, etc.

Designers with an innovative spirit will find in Hiansa the widest range of products and also an adequate response to the technical, functional and aesthetic demands of façade and roof cladding for modern architecture.

Always in constant evolution, Hiansa Panel offers its customers interesting novelties such as panels with FM Approved certification, the ULTRA range of high-performance sandwich panels, panels with integrated photovoltaic solar collection or the BIM library of all its products.

The Hiansa Panel Technical Department also offers a customer-oriented service with the aim of helping in the definition and design of the constructive solutions that each company requires.

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+34 957 198 900Polígono Industrial Dehesa de las CigüeñasParcela A14420, Villafranca de Córdoba (Córdoba)Spain