Hörmann KG

In the component market today, gates, doors, frames and drives add up to the Hörmann name - because here the Hörmann Group is Europe's leading provider.
This was achieved through decades of steady growth of a family business in the name of innovation, quality guarantee and customer proximity.
The third and fourth generation of the Hörmann Group is managed today by the grandson and great-grandchildren of company founder August Hörmann. Personally liable partners are Thomas J. Hörmann, Martin J. Hörmann and Christoph Hörmann.

The Hörmann Group is Europe's leading provider of doors and gates. More than 20 million gates have been produced since it was founded in 1935 and delivered worldwide. In 36 specialized factories in Europe, North America and Asia, more than 6,000 employees develop and produce high-quality gates, doors, frames and drives for use in private and commercial real estate. The headquarters of the globally operating Hörmann Group is the Westphalian town of Steinhagen in Germany. The company, which is still family-run, recently achieved annual sales of more than 1 billion euros. Hörmann is represented by sales partners with over 100 of its own sales locations in more than 40 countries and in over 50 other countries.

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