The beginnings of our company date back to 1972. Since then we have been experts on highest quality ceramics based on traditional clinker manufacturing method. 

In December 2013 we launched a new production plant, which now is the most modern clinker extruded tile factory in Europe. Maximum productivity of the new plant is about 60-70 mm tiles yearly and thanks to its elasticity it is possible to produce tiles of various: colours, formats and structures.  Advanced technology gives us an access to unlimited possibilities for product development while keeping very high technical parameters.

Our offer includes complex solutions for buildings of all styles,ranging from tiles of various colours, stair systems and window sills to fencepost caps and wall profiles.

King Klinker clinker tiles are compatible with all insulation systems in the market. Extruded clinker tiles are top quality ceramics fired at above 1000 C. King Klinker tiles are fully frost-resistant. Extruded clinker is the most durable facade material. Lobatherm insulation system by Quick Mix including King Klinker facade tiles comes together with two types of insulation as: mineral (rock) wool based insulation system and styrofoam based insulation system.  Quick Mix Lobatherm insulation system including Kling Klinker tiles makes a timeless facade. King Klinker offers a breathtakingly wide range of: colours, structures, and formats of facade clinker tiles.

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