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Are you designer, architect or craftsman looking for the best company specialised in high quality chandeliers, easy to install and easy to use? Looking for a company specialised in made in Italy chandeliers production, wich you can find in all the best designer outlets of the peninsula and in 40 other countries of the world ? LAM is here.

High experience in the field
LAM offers to all its customers a wide choice of lighting systems in hanging, floor, table, wall and ceiling; we offer an accurate assistance from design to installation and maintenance of its chandeliers. The LAM design team is characterized by the common professional target: creating look nice and elegant products, choosing refined and high-quality materials for each products, considering the essential functionality and usefulness of all the designed chandeliers

Nature respect
The LAM lamps facoty is appreciated around the world for its commitment to nature respect. With our professional chandeliers production you will receive your products packed in sturdy containers made without material waste and without pollution issues. Safeguard the welfare of the entire planet means a better world for future generations and this for LAM is worth a thousand goals.

Unique design style
Choose the best quality and buy modern and classic design chandeliers to decorate all your house rooms with unique style. Improve your quality life is an important goal for LAM.

Italian designer lighting
Made in Italy - an assurance of creative design and high quality, skilled manufacture using only the finest materials. Our Italian designer lighting company combines all of these assurances in our stunning, on-trend products.

Italian designer lighting is a byword for contemporary style. We offer unique designs which our team bring to life using modern materials and the finest Murano glass. Our beautiful, bold designs will match any décor and also create sculptural, eye-catching centrepieces for all your interior spaces.

Light influences how we feel and the way we live. But whatever your needs, Italian designer lighting can meet them. Our contemporary chandeliers offer bright light when you want to entertain, read, watch TV or work. Our designers also know that sometimes you will want soft, warm or subdued lighting, to create a romantic atmosphere or a relaxing ambience. Our products are the perfect blend of form and functionality to enhance your environment and reflect your modern lifestyle.

The design team at our Italian designer lighting company are master craftsmen with passion for creating fine lighting and pride in our quality products. They sculpt elegant shapes from metal before combining modern metallic finishes with ancient Murano glass techniques to create beautiful chandeliers and bold shades.

We are also an Italian designer lighting company that takes our ethical responsibilities very seriously. We are constantly evaluating our packaging to find ways of reducing consumption without compromising on quality, because we want to protect our precious environment for the next generation.

When our designers start work, their first thought is for you, our customer. So they create unique designer lighting that is beautiful to look at, easy to install and easy to use. Combining modern metallic finishes and stunning Murano glass, our Italian designer lighting brings you products to meet all your illumination needs, each one with that hallmark of fine quality - made in Italy.

LAM is synonimous of Chandeliers made in Italy, italian lighting fixtures, italian lighting manufacturers

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