Lundhs Real Stone

LUNDHS REAL STONE is a selection of high quality natural stones originating from Norway and Finland.  The materials are durable, distinctive and 100% natural - an excellent choice for both interior and exterior use. Lundhs Real Stone materials are suitable for a number of different architectural applications, in commercial, residential and public projects.

Natural stone is an excellent alternative to many artificial materials such as solid surface, quartz and ceramics. All Lundhs Real Stone materials are available worldwide, and samples are available upon request.

We will be happy to help you select and source the most suitable stone for your project, whether it is an interior project, a building or an outdoor area. 

ABOUT LUNDHS  Lundhs is a family owned Norwegian quarry company, founded in 1962 by Thor Lundh. The head office and most of the quarries are located around the city of Larvik in Norway. Lundhs is ISO 14001 certified, and has a system providing traceability from quarry to finished product.  

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