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Masonite Beams

Masonite Beams manufactures and sells modern, customised, ef cient wood-based I-beam systems and technical solutions. All production is located at Rundvik, near Umeå in Northern Sweden.
Our I-beams have clear environmental and energy bene ts and are well known for being lightweight, strong and straight!
More than half our production is exported to countries such as Norway, Estonia, the UK and France, while a large proportion of the beams sold in Sweden go to house- builders and industrial construction com- panies.
Our history goes back 150 years to the Nordmaling Steam Sawmill, in its time one of the rst sawmill companies. Masonite Beams was set up in 1974 as the world's rst industrial manufacturer of I-beams.
Product development and innovation have characterised our history, and to- day Masonite Beams is one of the leading manufacturers of I-beams, with the most modern beam factory in Europe.

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  Strandvägen 36
91441, Rundvik
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