UltraComfort® Dental Chair, console mount and Procenter Delivery Unit

UltraComfort® Dental Chair

  • Exceptional patient comfort
  • Patented integrated armrests provide essential support, and allow for unencumbered patient entry and exit.
  • Synchronized movement of the back comfortably supports the patient and eliminates the need for patient or headrest adjustment.
  • Hydraulic movement is smooth and quiet.
  • Standard programmable chair controls are strategically located on the two hip posts.
  • Headrests available in magnetic or double-articulating styles
  • Chair swivels 60 degrees (30 degrees with Concept LR)
  • Available in your choice of seamless, plush Ultraleather® and a limited-seams version of Ultraleather upholstery

Procenter Instrument Delivery System

  • Incorporates careful design, attention to detail and quality construction
  • Exclusive third-generation, patented kink valve® technology for exceptional reliability
  • Patented pop-up lid for easy access to fine needle-valve adjustments
  • Self-contained water system enables you to go from city water to bottled water with the flip of a switch.
  • Delivery unit pivots on anti-friction needle bearings, producing easy arm movement and long bearing life.
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