NanaWall® HSW66 - The Wood Framed Single Track Sliding System

The NanaWall® HSW66 is a wood-framed single track sliding system designed to provide an opening glass wall or storefront with any custom panel size; see Maximum Size Chart. Different panel widths are possible. An end-panel can be a swing-panel hinged to a side jamb or in the SwingSlide option, a swing panel can be a middle panel that is hinged from a sliding panel. Swing-panels are single acting but can be either inward or outward opening. Possible configurations and stacking bay options are virtually limitless; see drawings for possibilities.

Frame, Tracks and Stacking Bays
The aluminum head jamb thickness is 2 9/16" (65 mm). Optional cover plated on both sides with/out wood fascias can be provided. The wood side jamb thickness is 2 5/8" (66 mm). All pins and screws needed to assemble the frame are provided. Various sill options are available in a clear or bronze anodized finish. Also available is a no sill option with floor sockets only. The stacking bay and the upper track leading to the stacking bay are the same profile as the head jamb. The switching of panels from the closed position in the opening to the stacking bay can be achieved in different ways; see the drawings for possibilities.

The stiles and rails of sliding panels with interlocking tongue-and-groove profiles have a nominal panel thickness of 2 5/8" (66 mm). Standard woods are Douglas fir, European pine (keifer) or meranti, other woods are also available. Frames and panels have a sanding sealer or a base coat applied to be field finished by others; see “Finish Options”. Panels are pre-assembled and can be different widths, but stacking bays will need extra tracks to accommodate these widths.

Glazed units can be supplied with 15/16” (24 mm) clear insulating safety, insulating Low-E safety glass, 1/4” (6 mm) tempered, laminated, other high performing safety glass such as Heat Mirror, special tint, etc or other glass on request.

Double APTK weather stripping is provided for vertical sealing between panels and between panel and frame; see cross-section drawings. Brush seals with flexible plastic web are provided for all horizontal seals.

Sliding Hardware
For sliding, two load-bearing stainless steel unidirectional carriers are attached to the upper corners of each panel. Each carrier has one glide-roller and two/three horizontal counter-rotating wheels that roll in the track. Each wheel is made from sintered bronze (oil impregnated) that is self lubricating and is attached to the panels with stainless steel rods. Carriers can easily negotiate square or angled corners.

Swing Panel Hardware
For any swing panel, an appropriate quantity of clear or dark bronze anodized hinges is provided.

Locking Hardware
On all swing panels and on sliding panels as needed, a two point locking hardware is provided, consisting of top and bottom locking rods operated by a 180º turn of a flat handle on the inside only. On sliding panels, the top rod interlocks the male locking receptacle with the female receptacle of the adjacent panel. The lower rod is thrown into a designated striker plate. If there are swing panels, there are the following additional hardware options.

1. Lever Handle Operation. Consisting of lever handles on both sides, a Schlage compatible lock set, lockable latch, deadbolt and rods at the top and the bottom. After turn of key or thumbturn, depression of handles with draws latch, lifting of handles engages rods and turn of key or thumbturn engages deadbolt and locks.
2. Push/Pull Handle Operation. Consisting of push/pull handles on both sides with deadbolt(s) operated by a lock set. Turn of key or thumb turn operates lock. Lockset option of having key operation on both sides. To keep the panel closed, a door closer should be field installed.
3. Panic Hardware Operation. For panic hardware to be installed by others, outward opening swing panels can be supplied with no locking hardware.

For a unit with no swing panels, an option to enable a unit to be opened from the outside is to provide on the sliding panel to be opened first: Two point locking hardware consisting of top and bottom Polyamide capped locking rods operated by a 180 º turn of a L-shaped handle on the inside and lockable with a thumbturn or a flat handle on the inside and lockable with a key. In both cases, there will be a flat handle on the outside that is lockable with a key. Please note that locking from the inside with a key will not meet egress requirements.

Handle finish schemes:
Standard - Stainless steel lever, flat, and L shaped handles in brushed satin or black titanium.

Optional - Brass lever handles in oil rubbed or satin nickel, flat handles in powder coated dark brown or silver gray finish, and nylon L-shaped handles in dark brown or gray finish.

Push/pull handles are in brushed stainless steel finish or nylon in dark brown or gray finish.

The NanaWall HSW66 - BeyondLiftSlide offers a better alternative to a traditional lift and slide door system. It is a multi-panel system of large glasswalls, that easily glides open on a single track and stacks into a pocket or to the side to completely vanish.

The NanaWall HSW66 - SwingSlide looks like a normal pair of French doors with fixed sidelights. The center swing doors provide all the functional and aesthetic benefits of French doors. The NanaWall advantage, though, is that the pair of single acting operable doors and the one or more sidelights can also slide away to create unobstructed openings as wide as you can imagine.

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