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ODF Paris

Since 1984, ODF manufactures and distributes bathroom accessories and sanitary equipment for professionals of accommodation: hotels, communities, retirement homes, residences and hospitals.

Our accessories are made of high quality materials, selected for their resistance to intense use.

The large choice of ranges allows our product lines to fit in the most various types of design and ambiences.

Our on-line catalogue offers many references  : bathroom accessories, shower screens, mirrors and bathroom cabinets with integrated LED lighting, health care equipment…. Among the products distributed by ODF, you will find all the equipment you need for your bathrooms.

In addition, ODF manufacturing and logistics platform allows you to quickly get your bathroom accessories while the design office of ODF can make customized products.

Our production site is located in Normandy. We privilege local activity as well as a good control of the manufacturing process. Our industrial know-how expands over the years and allows us to diversify our offer. A modern new generation Machine Park enables us to ensure control and quality on all our products.

All the ODF team is at your disposal to help you discover our product lines made in France.

Tel: +33 235 046 700 or 0800 404 9829 (UK only)

Fax: +33 140 392 251 or 0800 404 9830 (UK only)

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  +33 235 046 700
  B.P.50 - ZI Activa 2000
Rue de l'Europe
76510, Saint-Nicolas d'Aliermont
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