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Pavigesa was born in 1984 as a result of experience and enthusiasm to create elements Prefabricated high durability and quality.

It is at this time when pieces so recognizable as hydraulic tiles of our cities, the interior terrazzo in residential use and the first cobblestones of concrete begin to be part of collective imagination of Andalusia.

Today more 35 years later, we still think that the quality and effort in each product It is the sign that most characterizes our company. Today we count on our catalog with more than 2000 references of products, we employ 90 workers who respond to new lines posed by the contemporary city, where the treatment and care of urban environment have become a elementary aspect for citizenship.

From Pavigesa we consider the constant renewal, that is why new lines of photocatalytic pavements, color finishes based on pigments degraded and heterogeneous wakes form Part of our cutting-edge trends. We bet in this way continuously for the research and development of new materials more respectful with the environment, premise born from the conviction that the material is its own contour of the city, and therefore a fundamental piece in the development of public space.  

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  +34 957601246
  Carretera estepa-Guadix Km 11,200
Carretera estepa-Guadix Km 11,200
Calle Boliche S/N
14500, Puente Genil
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