Profilpas has been producing technical profiles and finishes for ceramic tile, marble, wood, laminate, LVT, carpeted floor and wall coverings since 1976. The rich catalogue also presents profiles and listello tile trims for walls and floors, skirting boards, bathroom systems and shower drainage channels, light profiles and profiles for balconies, terraces and steps. The range of materials available is equally wide. Depending on the model, you can choose from aluminium, stainless steel, brass and PVC. Thanks to these characteristics and their elegant versatility, Profilpas solutions are used in residential buildings, hotels, offices, hospitals, schools, health and beauty spas, and ships.

Production and Technology 

The metal and PVC profiles are produced and finished in Profilpas’ manufacturing facilities which extend over more than 20,000 square metres (covered). The management of the entire production cycle and continuous investment in cutting-edge systems and technology have enabled us to quickly schedule production but with a degree of flexibility and also to maintain direct control over each stage, thereby assuring compliance with the stringent quality standards for which Profilpas products are known.

Quality and Innovation

Service, innovation and design, but also constant attention to detail: from the choice of superior raw materials - exclusively primary alloys - to the care taken in surface treatments, constant control to identify potential defects to the final, and individual packaging of each product.


Profilpas designs and manufactures its products for professional applications, to give beautiful finishes to the most beautiful houses, most prestigious hotels, and spaces which have been decorated with attention to detail. The commercial organisation is based in Italy and abroad, using a network of professional agents who visit customers, recommend solutions and finishes, informing them and keeping them up to date. Who are Profilpas’ clients? Professional merchants and resellers of floors and coverings, contractors, interior design specialists and consultants. Over the years, Profilpas has developed a network of more than 17,000 resellers around the world. The company regularly exports to more than 70 countries, and has branches in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, UAE, Russia, Poland, and the Czech Republic.


Responsibility, loyalty and transparency: these are some of the values that we hold dear at Profilpas and which assure that our exchanges with customers, suppliers, collaborators and institutions are conducted with the utmost propriety. Listening is the first step towards innovation and improvement. A lot of attention also goes on the products, the design and details of which are a major focus. Sustainability plays a key role in our thinking, as seen in the choices we make which are eco-friendly, as does safety in the workplace. Profilpas is proud of its history, a journey which has seen our products, our method, our commitment and our conduct gain recognition and respect. Profilpas looks to the future with enthusiasm, bolstered by a young team of people of 20 different nationalities (counting branches and foreign reps) that wants to grow and see our brand grow through collaboration and enjoying our time together.

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