Rieder specializes in the manufacture of solution-focused, environmentally friendly and economical concrete products. Inspired by customer requirements, the company pushes the function of concrete as a material beyond its limits. Intelligence, aesthetics and emotions are the ingredients that give new meaning to Rieder concrete. Rieder has been 100 percent family-owned for more than 60 years, with production sites in Austria, Germany and the United States. Rieder is active internationally and offers customers an established network of sales partners in over 50 countries.

When it developed fibreC glassfibre reinforced concrete, Rieder shaped the vision of a thin, yet stable facade. The panels are non-combustible, and with a thickness of just 13 mm and available in different colors, surfaces, textures and shapes, offer a wide range of possibilities for designing extraordinary facades. Natural raw materials are used for the product, which create unique material characteristics.

 In 2019, Rieder founded a US-company that is based in the heart of Wisconsin. Rieder North America Inc. includes in-house fabrication facilities, a large warehouse, offices and training rooms. Rieder has also build up its own customer support organization that provides estimating services, shop drawings, project management and customer care.

Together for better architecture

Part of their cultural mission is to support designers, artists and architects in their creative work. The constant further development of glassfibre reinforced concrete and the know-how transfer between designers and the company assists Rieder, not only in positioning fibreC material in the facade segment, but above all to emphasize the design character of the material. This commitment reflects the relationship that Rieder, as an international business enterprise, enters into with all cultural and design projects: Artists bring their creativity, flexibility and abstract, analytical thinking to the company's development department. In return, Rieder enables the artists to let their fantasies run wild. A wide range of cultural projects, pavilions and exhibitions have always been part of the company's history.

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