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CYCLONE® Roof Hatch

The CYCLONE® Roof Hatch is a versatile and reliable solution for both safe rooms/storm shelters and roof access. With its ICC-500 and FEMA P-361 ratings, it ensures exceptional safety during severe weather events. Its two-point deflection system enhances occupant safety. - For safe room/storm shelter applications, third-party tested to meet ICC-500 2014 and FEMA P-361 to 250+ mph wind, including missile impact and labeling - Engineered with a two-point deflection for ICC compliance and optimum safety - Fabricated from 3/16" carbon steel or schedule 40 steel with industrial coating and SRI 88.2 - Two inside locking hatches 90° opening - (2) Guden CAD Model ECL 31-200-J gas springs and insulated lid - Pressure rating ASTM E330 - Counter flashing for roof material