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Satino Black

Satino Black: Discover the new standard

Never before a toiletconcept was as revolutionary as Satino Black. High quality, modern design and the absolute top in terms of sustainability. A combination which makes Satino Black unique. Its circular characteristics support you in making a true statement  in your organisation or to your visitors and guests. Satino Black is the new standard. Go for a circular washroom. Discover the new standard and choose for maximum sustainability. 

A new standard in sustainability

In terms of sustainability Satino Black is a new standard. Even the absolute best. With this toilet solution you contribute maximally to a better environment. The production of the hygienic paper as well as dispensers is completely CO2-neutral and Cradle-to-Cradle certified. The toilet- and handtowel paper is produced using nothing but 100% recycled paper. The dispensers are produced from recycled plastics that can be re-used over and over again.

With Satino Black you offer the proof that we not only should make better choices to safe our environment, but that you really do make better choices. With a complete circular toilethygiene concept you too set the new standard, for now and in the future.

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