BCU 790 Self Standing Frame Unit Inc Cistern

The advantages of BCU790:
- Fast, precise, easy installation.
- Delayed action quiet inlet valve.
- Robust, load bearing to 400kg.
- Reliable: a triple internal control process guarantees the safety and reliability of the system.
- Specify and install with the confidence of a 10 year guarantee.
- Large choice of elegant and stylish flush plates.

The box that surrounds the float of 95L has the function to prevent the inlet valve from re-filling the cistern until the flush valve has closed. Saving water from being wasted during the flushing cycle.
As the cistern refills with speed, the water spills over into the box, rapidly lifting the float for a quick reliable shut off.

Benefitting from a long experience in cistern frame designs, SIAMP puts all its knwoledge in designing long lasting 400 kg load bearing self-stanfding resistant frames.
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