SIAMP Deutschland

Founded in 1947, the firm knew from the beginning how to innovate in the sanitary market. From the early days it was obvious that it was at stake in the use of water, so SIAMP concentrated on developing technical solutions which respect this vital resource.

Now a major player in the sanitary equipment market, SIAMP is continually striving to improve the viability, the efficiency and the design of its products. Toilet seats, cisterns, flush valves, float valves, drainage, mounting frames, solutions for less able bodied people, for cladding, for maintenance or ventilation: SIAMP designs, manufactures and distributes a large range of products and systems for toilet equipment.

Worldwide partner of the major ceramic manufacturers and with hundreds of distributors, SIAMP is in constant touch with this ever-evolving market. Detecting consumers new requirements, concerned by sustainable development, SIAMP is therefore the source of innovations, recognized by a large number of international patents.Apart from its Monaco factory, SIAMP is present in several locations in Europe and Asia with its subsidiaries in Turkey, Vietnam, India and China.

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