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Mod-Glider Pro Modular Art Rack System
Mod-Glider Pro Modular Art Rack System
Mod-Glider Pro Modular Art Rack System
Mod-Glider Pro Modular Art Rack System
Mod-Glider Pro Modular Art Rack System

    Mod-Glider Pro Modular Art Rack System

    Spacesaver’s Modular Art Rack system, Mod-Glider Pro™, combines smooth operation with versatile storage capacity. Its pullout screen loading is transferred directly to the floor, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted operation. Users have the choice of either welded wire or punched triangle pattern screens, both offering secured storage for many forms of visual art for large and small institutions alike.


    • Placing your collections on our screens and off the floor ensures your investment is safely stored
    • Organize and secure your collections for improved protection against the agents of deterioration, including mishandling and loss


    • Make a greater percentage of stored works visible to staff and patrons
    • Increase viewership by periodically rotating collections on and off display
    • The sleek punched triangle screen offers premium aesthetics, perfect for front-of-house exhibitions and displays


    • Made in the USA of heavy-duty steel and high-quality components, Spacesaver’s Modular Art Rack System is an enduring investment in quality collections storage
    • Screens are cycle-tested to ensure lasting quality and performance of your investment for years to come
    • High-capacity, non-marking nylon casters support loads of up to 800 pounds each and provide excellent resistance to wear and abrasion

    Ease of Movement

    • Hooks and hanging accessories stay in position while you gently handle your artwork and navigate frame mounting hardware
    • Built-in foot brake holds screens stationary when not in use or in place when extended
    • Lubricant-free slide design keeps art collections safe from contamination and allows for ease of screen extension, requiring minimal force to operate.


    • Screens fully extend, allowing for quick and easy access to hanging art and other collections on both sides
    • Double-sided screens and purpose-built accessories provide the perfect space-saving solution, allowing a greater volume of collections to be stored within a smaller footprint
    • Installation requires minimal floor anchoring, making it an optimal solution for all spaces, whether leased or owned


    • Designed to fit most any space and store a myriad of hanging art and collections
    • Allows for system reconfiguration as collections change over time
    • Purpose-built accessories give you the flexibility to easily hang and display a wide array of collections of varying shapes and sizes


    Superstructure Frame

    • Fully “kitted” with everything needed – no need to consult an engineer or connect to building infrastructure
    • Easy setup and installation
    • The Mod-Glider Pro begins with a single Starter System. Simply add on one or more Adder Systems for larger-scale art storage and display applications.
    • Systems are secured to the floor by anchors located at (4) corner posts for starters, and (2) corner posts for adders
    • Starters and adders (from a single system to a run of multiple systems, the perfect solution for both small-scale and large-scale projects)
    • 2” x 2” heavy-duty steel tubing forms the frame and horizontal bracing of the Mod-Glider Pro system
    • Systems are structurally sound, supported by cross-bracing that forms an “X”, located at the top and at all sides of the system

    Pullout Art Screens
    Measure 2" thick and are available in welded wire or punched triangle screen types.

    • Welded Wire 
      • Simple, elegant, and cost-effective solution for hanging collections storage.
      • Commonly used for behind-the-scenes collections storage 
    • Punched Triangle
      • New innovative screen design that offers hanging accessory attachment points on both a flat or a point. 
      • Sleek aesthetic design, popular for front-of-house art and collections display 

    Ease of pullout

    • Unloaded pullout art screens require no more than 15 lbs. pull force to start and continue screen-extension motion
    • Innovative slide design that is lubricant-free, offers full extension and has a floating slide with dust cover or debris shield, that minimizes vibration for smooth pullout art screen movement
    • Aluminum handle positioned at ADA-compliant height
    • Foot brake for greater control
    • Heavy-duty, non-marking casters at 800 lbs. capacity each
    • Floor Guide Rails require minimal floor anchoring to minimize intrusion and are positioned on either side of the screen to ensure smooth operation and alignment upon extension

    Purpose-built accessories

    • Designed specifically with end-user requirements in mind to seamlessly integrate with Spacesaver’s two new screen options
      • Standard Hook, Premium Hook, Frame-Spanning Hook, Universal Shelf, Rolled Textile, and Universal Mounting Brackets
      • Mod-Glider Pro can be configured as a stand-alone structure or as multiple systems, each containing pullout art screens that are double-sided, and floor guidance rails.
      • Pullout art screens extend to their full length beyond the system footprint using an overhead slide mechanism.
      • Each pullout art screen is made of one or more sections, depending on the pullout length
      • Each system could consist of anywhere between (1) and (15) pullout art screens depending on system size, the number of sections, and spacing.
      • Multiple systems can be placed adjacent to one another, in an infinite linear run by adjoining “Adder” systems to an initial “Starter” system.
      • Standalone systems will always be considered starter system types
      • Any additional systems that connect to the first system in a linear run will be considered an adder.
      • Individual systems cannot contain both welded wire and punched triangle pullout art screens. Adder systems can contain different, individual screen types if desired. For example, if a starter system has a welded wire screen, the adder system can have either welded wire or punched panels, but not both.

      Standard System Sizes:

      Widths in Inches: 42, 54, 66, 78, 90, 102
      Depths in Inches: 48, 96, 108, 120, 146
      Heights in Inches: 84, 96, 108, 120, 132

      Custom System Sizes are available see Tech Data.

    Technical specification
    • Unique ref.spacesaver-modular-art-rack-system
    • Product familyMuseum Storage
    • Product groupPreservation Cabinets, Archival Cabinets, Art Racks
    • TypeObject (single object)
    • Date of publishing2022-06-23
    • Edition number1
    • Material mainPowder coated steel
    • Designed inUnited States
    • Manufactured inUnited States
    • BIMobject CategoryFurniture - Shelving & Storage
    • IFC classificationFurniture
    • ETIM CodeEG017960
    • ETIM NameFurniture
    • UNSPSC nameFurniture and Furnishings
    • UNSPSC code56
    • Uniclass 2015 CodePr_40_30_78_78
    • Uniclass 2015 DescriptionShelves
    • CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code10 56 13
    • CSI MasterFormat 2014 TitleMetal Storage Shelving
    • OmniClass Number23-21 11 11 11
    • OmniClass TitleCommercial Storage Shelves
    • CSI UniFormat II CodeE2010
    • CSI UniFormat II TitleFixed Furnishings

    Region availability

    North America
    Antigua and Barbuda
    British Virgin Islands
    Caribbean Netherlands
    Cayman Islands
    Collectivity of Saint Martin
    Costa Rica
    Dominican Republic
    El Salvador
    Puerto Rico
    Saint Kitts and Nevis
    Saint Lucia
    Saint Pierre and Miquelon
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    Sint Maarten
    The Bahamas
    Trinidad and Tobago
    Turks and Caicos Islands
    U.S. Virgin Islands
    United States