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RES shorai EDGE cdu

RES shorai EDGE cdu

Toshiba's modulated power (inverter) technology allows SHORAI Edge to adjust the heating and cooling capacity at any time, adapting the compressor speed to the actual request. The Wi-Fi module present on all indoor units is invisible, thanks to the integrated wireless adapter. The Toshiba Home AC Control app offers total control of the functions that guarantee your comfort. After installing it on a smartphone or tablet, it will be simple to use, both at home and outside. The Toshiba remote control offers control functions, including preset ones, such as the power selection function and the ECO function to reduce energy costs, the COMFORT SLEEP function to optimize the temperature of the room during the night and the HIGH-POWER function to heat or cool rooms quickly. SHORAI Edge is an intuitive and very simple to use system. After the automatic restart, it memorizes the position of the ventilation flaps, restoring the direction already set by the user, reducing inconvenience and optimizing comfort. It automatically resumes operation after any blackouts, starting the internal self-diagnosis function. The LEDs on the unit allow the user to ascertain with a simple glance which functions are active. The functions of SHORAI Edge are designed to allow the user to achieve ideal comfort and to achieve energy savings: HADA CARE Adjusts the position of the ventilation flaps to generate an indirect flow, improving air distribution and uniforming the ambient temperature. ULTRA PURE FILTER Toshiba's Ultra Pure filter is able to retain up to 94% of the fine particulate matter (PM2.5), thus creating a healthier environment inside the living spaces (1). 3D AIR FLOW The unit starts the intelligent 3D air flow system, with independent ventilation flaps and 6 preset flows, for unlimited comfort (only for sizes 18, 22 & 24). SILENT OPERATION (outdoor unit) The unmistakable Toshiba function reduces the noise level of the outdoor unit by 6dB (A), to ensure the comfort of your neighbors. QUIET MODE (indoor unit) By pressing the FAN button (fan), it will be possible to adjust the speed and set the Quiet operating mode, which guarantees a reduced noise level. WEEKLY TIMER The Weekly Timer allows you to set the on and off intervals or to program the daily settings. Up to 4 different settings / day and 7 different weekly programs are available. ANTIFREEZE FUNCTION (8 ° C) Allows you to protect your home and furnishings from the effects of frost when you are away from home. It represents the ideal solution during the winter period. "FIREPLACE" FUNCTION IN HEATING MODE The unmistakable "fireplace" function of Toshiba offers an optimal diffusion of the heat generated by the fireplace or other heat sources, through continuous operation at low speed of the fan, even when the compressor is off. MANUAL ANTI-FREEZE FUNCTION In certain extreme conditions, it will be possible to manually start the anti-freeze function at any time by pressing the SET button for 5 seconds. REMOTE CONTROL SUPPORT Inserted in all units to facilitate wall installation in light commercial applications. COMFORTABLE REST To ensure optimal comfort during sleep, by activating the "Sleep" function, the temperature is increased by 1 ° C after one hour and by a further degree after 2 hours. Subsequently, the temperature reached will be maintained until morning. Check in the technical data the systems that can benefit from 65% Tax Deductions and the Thermal Accoun
  • Main features 7 sizes from 2.0 to 7.0 kW (cooling) from 2.5 to 8.0 kW (heating) Integrated WI-FI DC Hybrid Inverter (PAM + PWM) HADA Care Flow: intelligent air flow Self-Cleaning exchanger Removable condensate drain pan Operating mode (cooling / heating) signaled by different colored LEDs Remote control functions: Quiet button, Timer, Comfort Sleep Clock with weekly programming Fireplace function: to spread the heat in the environment in an optimal way Power limiter functions (100% - 75% - 50%) Compatible in multisplit combination (B-code version) Wide operating spectrum: up to –15 ° C / + 46 ° C in cooling; down to –15 ° C / + 24 ° C in heating
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