Brandgasventilator med plåtlock VBP

Smoke hatch, smoke exhaust, smoke ventilator... Ventisol Brandventilator Plåtlock is a natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator (NSHEV) for use in a system for natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (NSHEVS).

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilators may aim to:
1) Reduce smoke and heat exposure for persons.
2) Counteract fire-spreading between sections.
3) Improve sight conditions to help evacuation and firefighting.

* Insulated sheet metal cover
* 300 or 550 insulated upstand (Stone Wool)
* Motorized opening or spring-loaded electronic opener.
* Certified constancy of performance to SS-EN 12101-2.
* Standard model: performance levels to SS 883006
* Snow load up to 750 N/m2
* Reliability up to RE 125 + 10000
* Dual purpose ventilator / natural ventilation.
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