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Verde Profilo® was born in 2008 from the idea of Stefano Laprocina, a young entrepreneur and a profound nature lover. From his intuition comes MOSSwall®, the original system patented by Verde Profilo® to create indoor vertical gardens without maintenance. From here came also a series of innovations, new products and the continuous all-round exploration of the concept of green, promoting a new green philosophy aimed at making the relationship between individual and nature more spontaneous and daily.

 The Verde Profilo® team is made up of technicians, designers and architects who share the company's mission and love for nature. The customer's needs and lifestyle are the starting point for designing green spaces with a new and personalized design. Curiosity and the continuous search for innovative techniques and materials have led Verde Profilo® to decline the concept of green into multiple possibilities of realization. The perfect examples for this are the vertical gardens and the living walls; but equally important are all the indoor solutions made with the innovative patented 100% natural MOSSwall® product.

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