Wall-Smart Ltd.

Wall-Smart, a designer and manufacturer of innovative mounting hardware that conceals technology products within wall and ceiling surfaces, has introduced new solutions to its offerings. The brand’s mounting solutions provide builders, architects, designers, technology integrators, and their clientele a way to seamlessly integrate popular technologies such as tablets, touchscreens, light switches, voice assistants, security cameras, and networking equipment into new construction and retrofit projects in an aesthetically pleasing manner using standard construction techniques.

Each of Wall-Smart‘s new wall and ceiling mounts is custom-designed, engineered, and fabricated for a specific home tech product. This attention to detail ensures not only a seamless, completely flush appearance and optimal convenience of use and quality of performance. New to the Wall-Smart line are mounts for leading devices, including Control4 T4 touchscreens, Crestron 70 Series touchscreens, Savant Echo low-voltage keypad, Araknis Wi-Fi access points, IC Realtime IPMX-W40F and W20F security cameras, Honeywell 6290W home security keypad, Legrand Adorne light switch, Apple iPad Air4 and more.

Wall-Smart is the leading manufacturer of custom flush wall mounts for control devices in the smart building industry. Wall-Smart designs and manufactures flush mounts that combine functional control & aesthetic design to seamlessly integrate into any wall or ceiling. 

Wall-Smart offers solutions for New Construction (Drywall and Concrete/Bricks), Solid surfaces, and Retrofit installations.  

Wall-Smart offers flush mounts for tablets, touch screens, keypads, receptacles, access points, cameras, and other devices by the world-leading companies in the Home Automation industry such as Crestron, Control4, Savant, Lutron, URC, ELAN, Basalte, Apple, Josh.ai, and more. 

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