ZW209 Pilot Operated Water Pressure Reducing Valve, Lead-Free*

The Zurn Wilkins Model ZW209 Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valve is designed for many applications where the reduction of high inlet pressures to safe and stable outlet pressure is required. The pilot assembly reacts to changes in downstream pressure allowing the main valve to modulate between the closed and open position ensuring a constant downstream set pressure. Once the downstream pressure reaches the pilot setting, the main valve will seal shut preventing damage downstream. Pressure regulation is not dependent upon flow rate, resulting in minimal pressure oss through the valve. In addition the Model ZW209 comes standard with epoxy coating internally and externally for corrosion protection, as well as isolation valves and pressures gauges for quick and easy maintenance or repair.

Meets the requirements of NSF/ANSI 61*
*Product contains weighted average lead content less than 0.25% for wetted surfaces.
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