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Acrylicon Levelling Screed System - Resin Flooring
Acrylicon Levelling Screed System - Resin Flooring

    Acrylicon Levelling Screed System - Resin Flooring

    The Acrylicon Levelling Screed System resin flooring is a solvent-free, 2 component methacrylic polymer mortar with high compressive and flexural strength. It is characterised by very low linear shrinkage and rapid curing, making it an ideal replacement for cementitious mortars and screeds. Acrylicon Levelling Screed resin flooring can be applied in thicknesses of 5-550mm. The low shrinkage rate enables larger unevenness to be levelled out. The mortar surface resembles that of finished concrete.

    Designed as an underlayment screed for Acrylicon Systems, levelling up of uneven substrates, creating falls to drains, bedding in drains, ramps, rail bedding, casting bridge bearings and repairing concrete. Can be used internally or externally.

    1-2 hours cure time - rapid installation and minimum downtime.

    Hard wearing resin flooring - exceptional resistance to chemicals, abrasion, impact and fire.

    Very low shrinkage - ideal for covering large areas.

    Non porous resin flooring and suitable for bedding in drains and wet use areas.

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    Flooring System

    • Product: Acrylicon Levelling Screed System Resin Flooring - Preparatory work and application in accordance with suppliers instructions.

      Finish: Rough

      Thickness: 5-25mm as standard. As screed up to 550mm with addition of aggregates.

      Colour: Standard beige colour, but can be delivered pigmented in various RAL colours.

      Supplier: AcryliCon Polymers GmbH (Germany)

      Compressive Strength EN196-1 (DIN1164), ASTM C349 54 N/mm2 / 7,830 psi

      Flexural Strength EN 196-1 (DIN1164) / ASTM C348 18 N/mm2 / 2,610 psi

      Water Permeability DIN / EN 1062-3:2008 <0.001 kg/(m2.h0.5)

    Technical specification
    • Unique ref.acrylicon-levelling-screed-system
    • Product familyFloor system
    • Product groupConstruction / Building materials
    • TypeObject (single object)
    • Date of publishing2017-04-20
    • Edition number1
    • Material mainAcrylate
    • Material secondaryAggregated natural stone
    • Designed inNorway
    • Manufactured inGermany
    • BIMobject CategoryFlooring - Flooring Systems
    • IFC classificationBuilding Element
    • UNSPSC nameFlooring
    • UNSPSC code301617
    • CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code07 19 13
    • CSI MasterFormat 2014 TitleAcrylic Water Repellents