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Electric Steam Humidifier, Series EHU-700

Unique ref.: 16233
Brand: Armstrong International
Product family: Air Humidifiers
Product group: Humidification Products - Air Humidifiers
Date of publishing: 2012-12-03
Edition number: 1
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Accurate humidity control with virtually no manual adjustment
The Armstrong EHU wraps up accurate control and reliability in a well-designed package that’s just too smart to be imitated. No electronic humidifier does a better job of stabilizing and simplifying humidity control. That’s because only Armstrong offers full modulation and a self-regulating maximum output feature. It’s an exclusive combination - and powerful peace of mind when it comes to humidification.

When you install an Armstrong Series EHU Electronic Steam Humidifier, you can forget about tiresome manual adjustment and messy trial-and-error maintenance. So you get accurate, automatically adjusted humidity control that’s virtually hands-free.

Self-diagnostics. Now, that’s smart . . .
Very sensible indeed. Internal software routines automatically monitor the operation of the EHU and display messages to indicate the condition. The unit will report on 10 different conditions.

. . . And sensible protection, too.
Accurate, reliable humidity control is a sensible precaution to protect your investment in materials, equipment and personnel. Increasing the temperature of indoor air without adding moisture decreases its relative humidity (RH). And when RH falls to levels commonly found in heated indoor environments, moisture-retaining materials such as wood, paper, textile fibers and a wide range of food and chemicals begin to deteriorate.

Indoor air quality, proper control of moisture output, efficiency and ease of maintenance. Since steam scores high on all of these factors, a steam humidifier is clearly the best choice. And an Armstrong EHU may just be the smartest.

How the Series EHU-700 works
An Armstrong Series EHU converts ordinary tap water to steam and distributes it to bring the relative humidity up to the desired level. It is ideal for humidifying areas where no steam supply is available or where a steam source is too remote for easy or economical piping.

When the humidistat senses the need for humidity, a microprocessor converts the demand signal into an amperage requirement. Voltage is applied to the electrodes, and the fill valve begins to fill the tank. Water enters the bottom of the steam generator tank and rises until it reaches the electrodes. Upon contact, electrical current flows through the water, causing it to boil and produce steam. As the water level rises, increased current flows through the water, producing more steam. This increase continues until the required output (amperage requirement) is reached.

When the required output has been reached, the fill valve will cycle to maintain the required amperage. When the humidistat senses the additional moisture in the air, the demand for humidity begins to drop. As the demand falls, the output modulates down by decreasing amperage and, therefore, steam flow.

NOTE: This product is available with the Armstrong Temp-R-Drain, a device that mixes hot condensate and cold water to maintain a drain outlet temperature suitable for drainage directly to any plumbing system. Contact Armstrong factory representatives for more information.

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