Revolving Door, Crane 2000 Series ShowcaseRevolving Door, Crane 2000 Series ShowcaseRevolving Door, Crane 2000 Series ShowcaseRevolving Door, Crane 2000 Series ShowcaseRevolving Door, Crane 2000 Series ShowcaseRevolving Door, Crane 2000 Series ShowcaseRevolving Door, Crane 2000 Series Showcase
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Revolving Door, Crane 2000 Series Showcase

Semi-Custom Revolving Door with Clad Constructed Wings

The Crane 2000 Series door maintains world class style and function and at the same time leaves room to help manage tight construction budgets.

The Crane 2000 series revolving door enclosure and canopy are by far the best in the industry. The 2000 series door wings are equally well built - fabricated from aluminum, bolted together with heavy-duty fasteners, then clad with stainless steel or bronze for a sleek appearance. The façade attachments are fully customizable. Available in a variety of sizes, finishes, and canopy designs, the 2000 Series revolving door is a robust, reliable entrance that catches the eye.

The Crane 2000 Series uses fully formed and welded aluminum, stainless steel or bronze construction on the enclosure and canopy but allows the wings to be clad in stainless steel or bronze over an aluminum subframe.

Object filename indicates wall attachment configuration type: A B C D F & H (see diagram) and Revit wall types: Solid Wall [no tag] or Curtain Wall, CW

CAD DWG format files are available online through the dormakaba Crane 2000 product page.

  • The Crane 2000 series revolving door is made from rolled bronze or steel, or from true .125 thick aluminum extrusions and sheet cladding material. After fabrication, all exposed surfaces are mechanically finished to eliminate marks caused by rolling and forming. The anodized, painted, or finish cladding is then applied. The 2000 series is available in standard colors, as well as most exotics and metallic finishes are available.
    All Crane manual revolving doors use the same 100:1 gear ratio manual speed control. The Crane manual speed control is a steel cast, precision machined, sealed unit mounted in the canopy. The Crane 2000 is also available in automatic, security and ‘Motion assist 360’ variations.

    The heavy-duty Crane book-fold door leaf mechanism is constructed from a high grade chilled bronze casting. All our revolving doors are furnished with Crane factory-made door seals, which are essential for the barrier blocking inside from outside environments. Crane doors are tested to meet the ASTM E283 standard, as well as to the even more stringent ASTM E783. 

    Available Options:

    S1 Security Access Control (See the 1000-S Series Security Revolving Door)Welded Floor Grilles
    Self-Positioning Closer “Return to QuarterPoint”
    Custom Push Bars

    3-Part MasterFormat Specification available online.

Technical specification
  • Unique ref.revolving_door_crane_2000_series
  • Collection setEntrance
  • CollectionRevolving Doors
  • TypeShowcase (model)
  • Date of publishing2021-08-06
  • Edition number1
  • Material mainGlass
  • Material secondaryMetal
  • Designed inUnited States
  • Manufactured inUnited States
  • BIMobject CategoryDoors - Revolving
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code08 42 33
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 TitleRevolving Door Entrances

Region availability

North America
Antigua and Barbuda
British Virgin Islands
Caribbean Netherlands
Cayman Islands
Collectivity of Saint Martin
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Puerto Rico
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
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