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Fastlane security turnstiles satisfy every one of your demands. Our highly effective technology and beautiful design grants authorised users access in under a second, improves acceptance amongst users and reduces false alarms.

Every individual element of a Fastlane turnstile is uniquely designed to be a part of a system as a whole.  We do not use off-the-shelf components – this is so we can ensure you and your customers get the very best products. Designed and built to order in-house in the UK, and utilising the state-of-the-art technology created by our engineers, our stylish range is unrivalled in terms of breadth of choice, with products to meet a wide variety of needs, budgets and design ideals. With a heritage of reliable function, integration with every known access control system and the availability of remote firmware updates, specifying Fastlane turnstiles will be a choice you never regret.

The range encompasses sleek speedgates, barrier arms, optical turnstiles, entrance gates and discreet door security, plus we have the creativity, flexibility and in-house capability to create a bespoke product to fit perfectly with the environment that you have envisioned, and will ensure that this is secured with effective pedestrian entrance control that you can rely on. Wherever or whatever you are looking to secure, we will collaborate with you to help you to deliver your project on time, to budget and surpassing your clients’ expectations.

Nothing processes authorised users more quickly, deters the unauthorised more effectively, integrates more seamlessly or fits more cohesively with your design than Fastlane.

The Fastlane brand of pedestrian entrance control is wholly owned by Integrated Design Limited (IDL), which was formed in 1985 for the creation of Integrated hardware and software solutions for the security market. The company has focused on research and development and manufacturing of the Fastlane and Door Detective range of products for the entrance control market. IDL is a private, limited company that has grown organically with reinvestment from within and has its own manufacturing premises in Feltham, close to London’s Heathrow Airport.

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