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Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions

Being part of the family-owned Knauf Group, Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions provides solutions for customers‘ requirements in industry, marine applications, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). A profound market understanding and insulation know-how enables our company to provide a broad range of products to meet specific needs.

Because of this, we can offer the right product for every application - with the best possible combination of energy efficiency, fire protection and noise reduction. Our entire product portfolio is subject to ongoing certification, with regards to applications and country-specific regulations, as well as testing according to the insulation industry standards. Specialised in technical insulation, our plant in Novi Marof with its perfectly functioning international infrastructure is the heart of our company. With our plants throughout Europe, we also ensure that we meet country-specific requirements and provide flexible logistic services.

Following the successful introduction of ECOSE® Technology in the Buildings Solutions product range, Knauf Insulation has decided to extend its innovative binder technology to its product portfolio in Technical Solutions (industrial insulation, HVAC applications and marine).

Binder without added formaldehyde

The binder is mainly derived from naturally occurring raw materials. There are no added formaldehydes during the manufacturing process. The products made with ECOSE® Technology contain no phenols.

Natural appearance

Insulation products made with ECOSE® Technology contain no dyes or artificial colours.

Technical performance

Products with ECOSE® Technology ensure high insulation efficiency for a thermal comfort as well as non-combustibility for personal safety, being compliant with all relevant European standards.

Environmentally friendly

Renewable components in the binder are replacing most fossil-fuel based materials. We are saving energy reduce energy bills CO2 emissions.

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