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Laminam's highly
automated production process is used to manufacture a revolutionary,
large-size ceramic slab in a range of thicknesses. Thanks to six production
lines, Laminam is able to produce slabs with sizes ranging from 1000x3000mm to
1620x3240mm and thicknesses from 3 to 20 mm. Most of the technologies used at
Laminam were created by the System Group, the top provider of plant and
equipment for the ceramic industry of all time. This guarantees Laminam access
to experimental techniques and processes, giving it a competitive edge. The
manufacturing process at Laminam revolves around an exclusive system to compact
clays and feldspars selected and refined with great care, an industrial process
that turns our raw material into quartz. The sophisticated technologies used in
Laminam include cutting-edge decoration systems and dry cutting systems that
reduce water consumption and purification costs. Recycling raw materials and
energy are among the founding principles of our production system.

The main factory is
in Fiorano Modenese, in the heart of the italian province of Modena, and two
new production sites, tripling the production capacity, have been added; the
first one in Borgotaro (PR), entirely dedicated to 1620×3240mm size slabs and
the second one in Vorsino Industrial Park, not far from Moscow, exclusively
dedicated to 1000×3000mm size slabs. Three production areas, one technology
applied according to the “Laminam model”: efficient and at the cutting edge.

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  Laminam SpA HQ
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41042, Fiorano Modenese

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