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On the outskirts of Kópavogur, in the middle of the metropolitan region of Reykjavik, Sky Lagoon - a thermal and wellness oasis built from scratch with an infinity pool where ""sea and sky unite"" - is located. The design of the facility had to blend in with the breathtaking landscape. The peat wall (Klömbruhleðsla) and the turf house (Torfbæir) form the outer frame. The wall was built in the classical from heavy marsh turf and peat processed into tiles. In order to carry this overall concept further in the interior and at the same time modern demands on comfort, durability, resilience and ease of cleaning, the choice of materials and decisions for the materials for the furniture and interior fittings were selected and was pursued just as purposefully. The decision was made to use Duropal HPL Compact for the assembly and VIP changing rooms. The compact laminate can be used without additional substrate material and fulfils all the requirements for this challenging area of application. HPL Compact is moisture-resistant and low-swelling, as well as being particularly impact-resistant and easy to clean. In addition, the surface is antimicrobial and has a positive influence on the room climate - Duropal HPL Compact is particularly low in emissions and meets the requirements of the Blue Angel, RAL UZ 76. Thanks to the natural-rustic finish of décor R20038, Natural Chalet Oak, with planked flowers and individual branches and knots the unobtrusive, monochrome wood design seamlessly continues the traditional style to the interior. At the beginning of April 2021, the Sky Lagoon opened its doors and offered a spectacular natural spectacle. Shortly before the completion of the Fagradalsfjall erupted in the south of the island - about 30 km away from the Sky Lagoon - and made it possible to observe the impressive play of the two opposing elements of water and fire. (c) Photographer: Sky Lagoon