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Uni-Solar PVL-68 Power Bond 12 Volt Flexible Solar Panel

Uni-Solar PVL-68 Power Bond 12 Volt Flexible Solar Panel

Simple easy peel and stick installation. Ideal for metal roof. RV/Boat, Home & Commercial applications. Battery charging or grid- tie solar systems. UniSolar is one of the largest manufacturers of flexible thin film solar panels. Low Light Performance. Each UNI-SOLAR module utilizes triple-junction amorphous silicon solar cells. The blue, green, and red light of the sun is absorbed in different layers of the cell, yielding higher energy production, especially at low insolation levels and under diffused light. Shadow Tolerant. By-pass diodes are connected across each cell allowing the laminates to produce electricity even when partially shaded or soiled. High Temp Performance. In real-world conditions module temperatures can be up to 185 degrees. The performance of crystalline silicon cells declines significantly in high temperatures, while UNI-SOLAR amorphous silicon technology does not. Made in USA. As Featured on

    • Powerbond, flexible solar panel.
    • Easy to install adhered directly to metal roofing pans, no racking system is required, laminates and metal roofing can be installed in one step.
    • Lightweight and durable; there are no penetrations to the roof deck.
    • Measures 112.1-inches in length by 15.5-inches in width by 0.2-inches in depth.
    • Product Dimensions: 112 x 15.5 x 0.6 inches
    • Item Weight: 8 pounds
Technical specification
  • Unique ref.Uni-Solar-PVL-68-Power-Bond-12-Volt-Flexible-Solar-Panel
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  • Date of publishing2019-02-07
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  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 TitleSolar Energy Collectors
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  • OmniClass TitleSolar Panels

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