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VELFAC has delivered windows for homes and building projects since 1952. Windows are the eyes of your home and they have a great influence on the atmosphere.
VELFAC have designed and manufactured windows for more than 60 years. Our glazing embodies both leading edge design and years of industry expertise. VELFAC windows, VELFAC patio doors, VELFAC sliding doors and VELFAC entrance doors are ideal for the architecture of today.
The slim frame of VELFAC windows and patio doors let in significantly more natural daylight than traditional alternatives, increasing the feeling of light and space within a room. The combination of high performance glazing and internal wood frame guarantees inner temperatures and peace and quiet. Our U-values can reach as low as 0.7W/m2k.
VELFAC windows are internally beaded, which means the glass cannot be removed from the outside, and the aluminium sash is designed to withstand even the most determined criminal. This aluminium sash also provides a long life span of 40+ years with minimal maintenance.
VELFAC is a subsidiary of VKR Holding, a worldwide group of companies which supply materials that bring daylight and fresh air into your spaces.

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