Grespania’s prestige is founded on innovation, quality, service and responsibility. Since 1976, constant investment and the continual incorporation of the latest advances in floor- and wall-tile manufacture have consolidated our ranking as a world leader. Our designs are ever more varied and versatile. The latest collections suggest new uses and new settings and they are an inspiration for those who seek to give their home a personal touch in their own style; aesthetic solutions that withstand the pressures of everyday wear and tear. Today Grespania’s ceramic tiles know no limits. The highest quality at all stages of manufacture, continual design innovation, dedication to giving our customers the best service, total commitment to the protection of the environment and a responsible attitude to our surroundings; since the company was founded in Castellón, a region with a deeply-rooted ceramic tradition, Grespania’s business philosophy has rested on these pillars. True to these commitments, and driven by a vocation to grow, the company has built its history over more than thirty years. Grespania now has three factories using the latest technology and the most advanced processes producing porcelain floor tiles and white paste wall tiles. In addition to its factories in Spain, the company has subsidiaries in France, Italy, Holland, Poland and UK. Its products are available all over the world. Today, more than thirty years later, Grespania’s history is still pointing toward the future.
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