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How We Got Our Start
In 1924, at the end of a 25-year franchise agreement with John A. Brooks Company of Detroit, Fred Reinecke Sr. along with his family (Fred Jr., Ed, Bill, Charlotte, and the "Old man") founded FEBCO to manufacture backflow preventers and automatic sprinkler systems for the irrigation industry. Since that time, FEBCO has continued to expand its product line to include the entire breadth of the backflow prevention and related flow control products.

FEBCO's experienced engineers continue to combine theory with practice to design and manufacture top quality, high performance backflow prevention assemblies and related flow control products. FEBCO's success in backflow prevention can be attributed to its solid history of technological leadership and superior manufacturing tradition. Many municipalities and water authorities entrusted with providing safe drinking water to local communities specify FEBCO products exclusively for their water distribution systems. The FEBCO brand is recognized worldwide as an innovative leader and producer of the most reliable backflow prevention assemblies.

Our Commitment to Safety
FEBCO backflow preventers are designed to keep chemicals and pollutants that come into contact with the pipes and fixtures in water distribution systems from contaminating your drinking water. For decades FEBCO engineers have demonstrated an uncompromising dedication to public safety by producing high quality products that stand the test of time.

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