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Ghidini Lighting

Ghidini & Lucitalia Lighting was born from the union of 2 historical lighting companies.

Ghidini Lighting, founded in 1974, is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of technical outdoor lighting fixtures.  Since its foundation, Ghidini Lighting has focussed its research and development on a vast range of products which satisfy the wants and needs of specifiers, seamlessly integrating into an endless array of residential and commercial spaces.  Products are manufactured using only the highest quality materials and components which guarantee efficiency and perfomance over time.

Lucitalia Milano was founded in 1966 under the name “LUCI illuminazione d’interni” and quickly established itself as one of the most innovative and original designers and manufacturers of modern design lighting fixtures.  The creation in 1983 of the now iconic Kandido table lamp, in collaboration with Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, thrust LUCI into the International spot light.  Collaboration with other world famous designers quickly followed and increased over time to include: Gianfranco Frattini, Adonis, Caltha, Ignazio; Toshiyuki Kita, Rodolfo Bonetto Rio, Flu, Todo; Giugiaro Design, Asahara Sigeaki, Francesco Brivio, Carlo Fassina e Giancarlo Forcolini, Serge & Robert Cornelissen, Gabi Peretto.  Lucitalia has increasingly specialized in technical decorative lighting suited for both residential and commercial applications offering technical performance and distinctive design.

The two companies offers lighting professionals one source when specifying projects for both interior and exterior spaces. 

Many years of research designed to develop lighting fixtures that can withstand the varying weather conditions and the aggressiveness of the weathering have pushed GHIDINI LIGHTING in the study and implementation of a process that increase the already high quality of its products. Nowadays the quality of products is guaranteed by a painting process which is structured in several steps include: Alkaline degreasing, Acid deoxidation, demineralised water rinse, nano-ceramic conversion, demineralised water rinse, hot air drying and painting.

The “Alodine” conversion method is a process of precoating of surfaces of aluminium, steel and galvanized material thanks to the use of the nano- ceramic particles. 

The nano-ceramic particles produce a layer of inorganic cohesive great compactness, this coating is an excellent base for anchoring the paint ensuring, thanks to the greater surface area of adhesion of the paint compared to traditional phosphating, excellent adhesion and high resistance surface corrosion of aluminium, ferrous and galvanized materials. In the end, the powder coated polyester has excellent characteristics for UV resistance, no chalking, excellent mechanical properties and high resistance to atmospheric agents. For installations where corrosion protection requires the

highest standards primer is introduced as an additional element to the process.

Ghidini Lighting products get through the 1500 hours in a salt fog test environment.

During assembly of the GHIDINI products the CEI 34-21 and EN 60598-1 regulations are complied with.

The CE marking applied on each GHIDINI article testifies the conformity to the European DIRECTIVES regarding the electromagnetic compatibility and safety of the products. In May 1995, Ghidini Lighting received its Quality System certification, in compliance with the International Regulations UNI EN ISO 9002, on the part of CSQ (Italian Institute for the Certification of Quality Systems) and IQNET (International Organisation for Quality Systems).

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  +39 030 8925625
  Ghidini Lighting S.r.l.
Via Monsuello, 211 25065 Lumezzane (BS)
, Brescia
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