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Nivå by AM Acoustics

Egyedi azonosító: niva
Gyártó: Götessons
Termék család: Furniture
Termék csoport: Wall- and Ceiling acoustics
Szélesség (mm): 593
Magasság (mm): 593
Publikálás dátuma: 2019-02-05
Verziószám: 1
Típus: Objektum (egy termék)
Letöltés (11)
Nivå ceiling and wall-panel improves acoustics and its design makes it a feature in any room. The panels can be varied to form different patterns in different colours, with or without textile. Nivå is made of our unique core material EcoSUND. Our core material is available in three colors, and with the possibility of laminating with several different textiles, your ceiling becomes almost unique. Nivå is manufactured in dimensions of 593 x 593 mm in two versions, one to work as a wall panel sound absorbent, the other to fit grid systems for ceilings (edge A). Thickness varies across the surface from 30–80 mm.

Specification Text Nivå Ceiling

Sound absorbing ceiling absorbent. Core material EcoSUND. Dressed on both sides with Hush (only alternative), colour xx. Customized for grids 600x600 mm. Mounting: lies on grid.

Total thickness: 30-90 mm. (Below grid 50 mm). Measurements: 593x593 mm


Certificate (valid 2019-06-03):

ISO 354 Absorption and SS 25269

Absorption factor alfa 1 and Fire class: tested according to SS-EN ISO 11925-2 N10 value 6 pcs connected 1800x1200 = 4

Specification Nivå Wall

Sound absorbing wall absorbent. Core material EcoSUND. Dressed on both sides with Hush (only alternative), colour xx.

Mounting: Back covered in velour and velcro. Total thickness: 30-90 mm. Measurements: 593x593 mm.


Certificate (valid 2019-06-03):

ISO 354 Absorption and SS 25269

Absorption factor alfa 0,85 and Fire class: tested according to SS-EN ISO 11925-2 N10 value 6 pcs connected 1800x1200 = 4

Elsődleges anyag: Polyester
Másodlagos anyag: Polyester
Tervezés helye: Sweden
Gyártás helye: Sweden

BIMobject kategória: Furniture - Acoustics
IFC besorolás: Furnishing Element
UNSPSC név: Furniture and Furnishings
UNSPSC kód: 56
Uniclass 1.4 Kód: L8211
Uniclass 1.4 Leírás: Furniture
Uniclass 2015 Kód: Pr_40_50
Uniclass 2015 Leírás: Furnishings
CSI MasterFormat 2014 kód: 12 50 00
CSI MasterFormat 2014 cím: Furniture
CSI UniFormat II kód: E20
Ez a termék elérhető:
  • Sweden

BIMobject SEEK Properties

Furniture - Acoustics

Név Érték
Material Fabric

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