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Aluminium solutions from German system house WICONA, offer functional and energy-efficient façades, windows and door solutions to the very highest quality and performance standards. Its partners include fabricators and façade construction specialists from across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and further afield. WICONA is focused on producing products which address the key demands of today's construction environment – innovative and sustainable building concepts which help save resources, offer a high level of user convenience and are economically attractive to investors, developers and consumers in the long term. An array of internationally certified completed projects testifies to successful creative and constructive cooperation between clients, planners, facade builders and the aluminium system company.

Using its principle of "Technik für Ideen" (Technology for Ideas), WICONA is placed right at the interface between architects with their creative designs and fabricators and facade construction firms who provide the technical execution. Specialist metal builders work in partnership help to create the optimum building solution for the client - whether the project is new build or refurbishment.

As a brand of Hydro Building Systems, WICONA is part of the Norsk Hydro Group. Hydro is the world market leader in aluminium solutions and employs a workforce of 35000 in over 40 countries.

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