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Condair HumiLife - the proven steam solution
Condair HumiLife - the proven steam solution

    Condair HumiLife - the proven steam solution

    Life is in the Air

    Forget everything you ever knew about humidifiers: The HumiLife Solutions from Condair bring genuine quality of life to your home.

    HumiLife Solution from Condair - The proven steam solution produces odourless and hygienic steam. Steam humidification uses steam with temperatures around 100 °C. This effectively kills all germs and bacteria and humidification is carried out in a particularly hygienic manner. The evaporation takes place with normal tap water without additional water treatment. The modern design fits elegantly into the living room. Water and electricity can be supplied invisibly through the rear wall. In addition, high-quality materials, proven electronics and careful workmanship ensure long and trouble-free operation.

    No refilling Water

    The system is connected directly to the mains to ensure a steady supply of water used for humidification, without any manual replenishment of water.

    Simple installation

    System installation only requires its integration within a controlled residential ventilation system. It is therefore fitted at a central location in the utility room and does not require any major structural changes. A separate distribution network in the rooms to be humidified is not necessary.

    Voce di capitolato
    • Condair Humilife - the prooven steam solution:

      Steam Generator Condair RH 230V 50 Hz:

      • Max. Steam Capacity: 1.8 or 3.6 kg/h

      Steam Distribution:

      • See Condair DS - steam distribution for ERV systems
      • See Condair VS - vertical steam distribution system for ERV systems
      • See Condair DV - steam pipe for horizontal duct applicatons
    Specifiche tecniche
    • Rif. Unicocondair-rh3
    • Famiglia di prodottoAir Humidifier
    • Gruppo di famigliaSteam Humidifier
    • TipoOggetto (oggetto singolo)
    • Data di pubblicazione2021-08-25
    • Numero di versione1
    • Altezza (mm)467
    • Larghezza (mm)266
    • Profondità (mm)175
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    • Materiale principalePlastica
    • Progettato inCanada
    • Prodotto inCanada
    • Peso Netto (Kg)6
    • Categoria BIMobjectRiscaldamento, ventilazione e condizionamento - HVAC - Altro
    • Clasificazione IFCUmidificatore
    • Codice ETIMEC011628
    • Nome ETIMHumidifier (steam)
    • Nome UNSPSCHumidifiers
    • Codice UNSPSC40101903
    • Codice Uniclass 2015Pr_65_67_39_84
    • Descrizione Uniclass 2015Steam humidifiers
    • Codice CSI MasterFormat 201423 84 13
    • Titolo CSI MasterFormat 2014Humidifiers
    • Numero OmniClass23-33 27 15
    • Titolo OmniClassAir Humidifiers
    • Codice CSI UniFormat IID3090
    • Titolo CSI UniFormat IIOther HVAC Systems & Equipment

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