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Sandwich Panel BASE - Horisontal Installation

Sandwich Panel BASE - Horisontal Installation

Lindab's mineral wool panels have excellent fire resistance, strength and thermal insulation. Mineral Wool Panel BASE has been developed to combine these properties in the best possible way, to make the panel as optimal as possible in all categories.

Lindab offers panels in a total of 30 different colours from our standard and optional range. Several thicknesses are available, and thicknesses over 150mm can be delivered with built-in bars for enhanced burglary protection.

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Voce di capitolato
  • Core density: 90kg/m3

    Covering width: 1197mm

    Sheet metal thickness external/internal: 0.6/0.5mm (standard)

    Thickness: 70, 100, 120, 150, 175, 200, 240, 300mm

    U-value: 0.56, 0.40, 0.33, 0.27, 0.24, 0.20, 0.17, 0.14W/m2K

    Dead load: 16, 18, 20, 23, 24, 27, 31, 36kg/m2

    Reaction to fire: A2-s1, d0

    Air tightness: 0.5 m3/m2h

    Decorative profile external: Line 200, Line 600, Line 1200T, Line 1200W, Line 1200XW, Random, Micro

    Decorative profile internal: Line 200, Line 1200T, perforated (only when the panel is used as partition wall)

    Colour: Standard and optional colours, totally more than 30 colour

Specifiche tecniche
  • Rif. Unicop-panel-base-h
  • Famiglia di prodottoWall System
  • Gruppo di famigliaSandwich Panels
  • TipoOggetto (oggetto singolo)
  • Data di pubblicazione2018-08-28
  • Numero di versione6
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  • Materiale principaleAcciaio zincato
  • Progettato inSvezia
  • Prodotto inSvezia
  • Categoria BIMobjectPareti - Pannelli sandwich
  • Clasificazione IFCElemento di costruzione
  • Nome UNSPSCWall finishing materials
  • Codice UNSPSC301615
  • Codice Uniclass 2015Ss_20_10_60_84
  • Descrizione Uniclass 2015Structural insulated panel systems
  • Codice CSI MasterFormat 201407 42 13.19
  • Titolo CSI MasterFormat 2014Insulated Metal Wall Panels
  • Numero OmniClass23-13 35 21 19 15
  • Titolo OmniClassStructural Insulated Panels
  • Codice CSI UniFormat IIB2010
  • Titolo CSI UniFormat IIExterior Walls

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