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Side blow mini VRF (outdoor unit)             MCY-MHP 04 05 HT-E

Side blow mini VRF (outdoor unit) MCY-MHP 04 05 HT-E

MINI VRF SYSTEMS IN HEAT PUMP - The SideBlow VRF Compact is the ideal product to meet the needs of small commercial applications such as shops, bars and small offices, where compact size and high efficiency are important features. Thanks to the height of just 910 mm and the weight of 100 kg, it can be easily installed even in small spaces and even where a ducting for air expulsion is required. Thanks to the new fan design, combined with Toshiba’s Twin-Rotary DC compressor and inverter control, it allows to optimize the air flow management and ensures maximum efficiency of the unit, with high values of EER and COP. The operating range of up to -20 ºC of external temperature allows the system to heat at any latitude throughout the year. The absolute flexibility of the system is guaranteed by the wide range of indoor units that can be connected: 13 families for more than 100 models. Up to 8 indoor units can be connected.
Voce di capitolato
  • Technical characteristics: - Available from 4HP and 5HP (from 12.5 to 16 kW) - Heating and cooling applications - High COP to ensure maximum energy savings. - Individual control of each internal unit with up to 8 units on the same circuit. - Twin-Rotary DC compressors for high efficiency and complete reliability. - Wide range of compressor speed modulation from 15% to 100% for high efficiency at partial loads. - Easy to install: compact and lightweight unit
Specifiche tecniche
  • Rif. UnicoSideblow-minivrf1-04-05
  • Famiglia di prodottoHVAC - Business VRF
  • Gruppo di famigliaOutdoor unit
  • TipoOggetto (oggetto singolo)
  • Data di pubblicazione2023-03-02
  • Numero di versione1
  • Altezza (mm)910
  • Larghezza (mm)990
  • Profondità (mm)390
Relativo a
  • Materiale principaleMetallo
  • Materiale secondarioPlastica
  • Progettato inItalia
  • Prodotto inItalia
  • Peso Netto (Kg)100
  • Categoria BIMobjectRiscaldamento, ventilazione e condizionamento - Climatizzazione
  • Clasificazione IFCBocchettone
  • Nome UNSPSCAir conditioners
  • Codice UNSPSC40101701
  • Codice Uniclass 2015EF_65_80
  • Descrizione Uniclass 2015Air conditioning
  • Numero OmniClass23-33 39 00
  • Titolo OmniClassAir Conditioning Equipment
  • Codice CSI UniFormat IID30
  • Titolo CSI UniFormat IIHVAC

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