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Ventilated rainscreen façade ATK 103 S-20 + ATK 100 Minor

Ventilated rainscreen façade ATK 103 S-20 + ATK 100 Minor

We present our model template for a ventilated facade, a comprehensive model showing one of our system solutions. This template serves as a valuable tool for testing and evaluating the potential of our façade systems. Whether you are an architect, designer or contractor, this model template offers a small glimpse into the possibilities of our innovative systems.

For precise product selection and system solutions tailored to your unique requirements, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team. We are committed to helping you with the selection, sizing, and planning of our product systems.

  • ATK 103
    The agraffes are part of the concealed fastening for ventilated curtain facades. They are mounted on the in the façade panel and transfer the loads generated by the façade panels to the horizontal profiles. Thanks to the coordinated geometry, the agraffes can be hooked into the horizontal profiles quickly and easily. The two agraffes at the top, on the outside, have adjustment screws to level the height of the panel and thus create a consistent joint pattern. The agraffes also have fixed and sliding points. While the fixed points are fixed by accessory elements (e.g. clamping pieces or U-profiles), the non-fixed sliding points allow the thermal expansion of the system. The agraffes are available in different dimensions.

    ATK 100 Minor
    Direct fastening of façade panels (visible or glued). Use as spacer substructure and as base construction e.g. for horizontal systems for concealed fixings.

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