Our mission
As a unique firm built to shape and enhance a select market, we strive relentlessly to boost our clients' growth and satisfaction with incessant efforts to cultivate our team's expertise, professionalism, and creativity. Thanks to our focus on clients’ prosperity and well-being, all of us are better off.

Our values
Ambition Productivity Intelligence Creativity Excellence

Videotec owns 19 international patents, and they have brought great benefits to the world of video security.
Videotec's aim is to continue leading the market, anticipating its demands, projecting ourselves towards the future of new technologies througha considerable effort paid to research and development.
Thanks to a close cooperation with the different universities, we are always updated on future technologies and cutting-edge engineering techniques and materials.
All this is applied to our products with the aim of devising solutions for a continually and rapidly evolving market such as ours.

We have a strong presence in several vertical markets with prestigious references, such as transportation and traffic, maritime, offshore and onshore oil & gas and energy industry.
The field of use of our broad product range is extremely vast: traffic control, urban surveillance, government applications, public and private facilities, commercial businesses, prisons, stadiums and border control.
We have a strong presence in special industries such as offshore/onshore Oil & Gas industry, marine and harbour applications, environments with high temperatures or particularly severe climatic conditions.

Videotec is committed to providing services in the field of video surveillance, focused on the satisfaction of its customers and all stakeholders. In order to pursue their goals, Videotec's Management follows the following general guidelines in terms of: 

- ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the products offered;
- improve the economic result of the processes, resulting in an increase of the net profit;
- ensure visibility and availability of the system integrated documents;
- promote the involvement, awareness and training of employees;
- evaluate the level of customer satisfaction, both internal and external;
- select suppliers using criteria in terms of quality, environment and safety issues, that are consistent with this Integrated Policy;

- strictly comply with the requirements contained in the Legislative Regulation applicable to its business;
- promote employee responsibility at all levels towards environmental protection by providing information and training programs;
- ensure cooperation with public authorities;
- implement an environmental monitoring plan to prevent the environmental impacts of its activities;
- evaluate in advance the environmental impacts of any new activities or changes of existing ones;
- establish operational procedures to ensure proper production waste management and improvement of separate waste collection in offices;
- promote collaboration with suppliers in order to find more environmentally compatible solutions for supply management (i.e. reusable packaging);
- maintain proper handling of hazardous substances by defining specific responsibilities for their control;
- check the quantity and type of materials and resources used for the correct definition of environmental indicators;
- make available this document to all the stakeholders mentioned in the Stakeholder contest (suppliers, customers, branch companies, employees..);

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