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Effekt EcoSUND Pendent®

Unik ref.: effekt
Merke: Götessons
Produktfamilie: Furniture
Produktgruppe: Wall and Ceiling Acoustics
Vidde / Bredde (millimeter): 1200
Dybde (millimeter): 50
Dato for publisering: 2019-08-26
Versjon nummer / utgave nummer: 1
Skriv: Objekt (enkelt objekt)
Last ned (11)

An effective way to improve the acoustics of a room without having to change existing installations such as ventilation, cables, lights, etc. is to mount Effekt ceiling absorbers. With even distribution based on the needs of the local area, it becomes an affordable solution that reduces a lot of audio spread in the longitudinal direction of the room. Customize your absorbents by choosing from the core material in several colours and laminate them with the Hush textile, available in several different colors.

Effekt is made in three standard sizes and has a thickness of 50 mm for good sound absorption. Effekt is hung by wire strings that connect and form a wall. An affordable solution that reduces a lot of sound propagation in the length of the room and parts of the room in smaller rooms. Design your unique room divider by choosing from several different core material colours, several different hang wire colours, and a variety of colors from the Hush textile. As the design of the product may challenge for climbing and the product is not suitable for that, Effekt as a room divider is not recommended for school and care, however, Effekt ceiling absorbent can be used without problem. 

Effekt Ceiling/Room Divider

Vertical hanging sound absorbant for ceilings, made from EcoSUND. 

Mounting: can be interconnected with hangwires. Total thickness: 50 mm. Measurements: (choose below).

Available dressed at one or both sides in Hush or raw. E.g. 567 (67046). Edge in raw: black, white, gray or bronze brown.

Certificate (valid 2019-06-03):

ISO 354 Absorption and SS 25269

N10 1200x900 = 6

For updated information, see:


Standard measurements:

1200x300x50 || 1200x600x50 || 1200x900x50

For customized measurements, contact Götessons.

Hoved materialet : Polyester
Sekundært materiale: Polyester
Designet i: Sweden
Produsert i: Sweden

BIMobject Kategori: Møbler - Akustikk
IFC klassifisering: Furnishing Element
UNSPSC navn: Furniture and Furnishings
UNSPSC kode: 56
Uniclass 1.4 Kode: JN
Uniclass 1.4 Beskrivelse: Furniture/Equipment
Uniclass 2015 Kode: Pr_40_50
Uniclass 2015 Beskrivelse: Furnishings
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code: 12 50 00
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title: Furniture
CSI UniFormat II Code: E20
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  • Sweden

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Furniture - Acoustics

Navn Verdi
Material Fabric




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Navn Verdi
Material Fabric