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As a specialist in architectural ceramics, AGROB BUCHTAL offers an extensive portfolio of products and services for contemporary and forward-looking building and design using ceramic. The company's history dates back into the 18th century. Today, AGROB BUCHTAL is a global player firmly rooted in the traditional market of Germany where most products are designed and manufactured. The richly-varied tile collections and special tailored solutions are used all over the world – on the facade of a prize-winning residential complex in London or on the roof of the Museum of Cultures in Basle, in a swimming pool in Shenzhen, on a promenade in Abu Dhabi or in Munich's underground railway network. AGROB BUCHTAL serves all classic applications as well as tapping new areas of application for ceramic tiles – including competent consulting and a comprehensive in-house planning department. Apart from technological innovations in surface upgrades (e.g. HT-coating) and slip resistance, one primary focus by AGROB BUCHTAL concerns standards in design. Having received more than 20 renowned design prizes, the product range sets high standards for the quality and variety of each new development.

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  +49 94 35-391-0
  Agrob Buchtal GmbH
Architects service
Buchtal 1
92521, Schwarzenfeld

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