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In 1960 Augusto Fava, with his brothers Arturo and Lino, believed in Baltur and trusted its founders Ballanti and Tura. During the years they have become fully aware of the potential of this sector and Baltur has become a leading company. The Fava brothers have acquired the whole share holding of Baltur thus becoming the sole owners.

Intuition, passion and entrepreneurial view have led other two generations to the management of the company: Enrico and Gianni, the sons of Augusto and now Riccardo, Managing Director and General Manager. Three generations have been able over the years to make the company grow, competing at the highest levels.

Baltur's greatest assets are people, experiences and tradition open to innovation. It has been that way for over sixty years and it will continue to be.

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  Baltur S.p.A.
Via Ferrarese, 10
I - 44042, Cento (FE)
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