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Jofel is an international Company dedicated to the production, selling and distribution of systems and equipment for professional hygiene and cleaning.

We have been present in the international market for over 30 years, being established in more than 80 countries on all five continents.

Jofel is a comprehensive supply company and a benchmark in latest generation products due to the quality and wide range of products available, the service offered, and R&D in the professional hygiene and cleaning sector.

Our activity is mainly developed within the institutional market. We have the most extensive and complete portfolio of the sector, with a solid commercial and distribution network in all the countries where we are present, being leading company in Spain and Mexico.

Where are our products manufactured?

The production activity is carried out in Puebla, Mexico and Alicante, Spain, This is what provides Jofel with an international industrial character to approach the world market with products adapted to special needs and peculiarities.

The ongoing work done by our R&D department makes possible to create new developments day by day.

Our Commitment

At Jofel, we are committed to manufacturing only the highest quality dispensing systems at affordable and competitive price. All products and components are subject to strict quality control. Our sleek, contemporary designs integrate well with any washroom decor. providing efficient and attractive convenience to the consumer. You will appreciate the low maintenance and cost saving our high-capacity dispensers deliver. In addition, Jofel dispensers are made to be universal, so they can accommodate all product brands.

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  0034 965104533
  Jofel Headquarters
C/ La Rioja 3
03006, Alicante
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