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Livesport Office

Studio Reaktor created a space that was functional and attractive with a sporty vibe, accurately reflecting the company culture. It was important to Livesport that the environment promoted flexible working. Different zones were created for independent working, collaborative working, and phone booths were also installed to facilitate a space to comfortably take phone calls. Palettone’s rich palette of 50 shades made it the ideal solution for this project, where choice of colour was key. The bespoke floor design consisted of 9 complementary shades which were cut into shape to accurately create the visual of a real running track. As well as visually adding to the space, Palettone is ideal for use in heavy traffic areas and features a polyurethane reinforcement that protects the floor covering by resisting soiling and scuffing, easing flooring maintenance and keeping the floor coverings looking great for longer.