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Closet Splice Housing (CSH)

Ref. Exclusiva: corning-csh-05u
Marca: Corning Optical Communications
Familia do produto: Fiber Optic Hardware
Grupo do produto: Closet Splice Housing (CSH)
Largura (polegadas): 16.85
Altura (polegadas): 8.66
Profundidade (polegadas): 11.9
Data de publicação: 2017-01-19
Número da edição: 1
Tipo: Object (objeto único)
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Corning's Closet Splice Housing (CSH) provides storage and protection of fiber splices in individually accessible trays. The housings are used in equipment racks or equipment cabinets, 19-in (48 cm) or 23-in (58 cm), and in the transition splice between outdoor-rated and riser/plenum-rated cable at a building entrance. Pigtail splicing is accomplished when the CSH is used in conjunction with a rackmount housing. The CSH is available in 3-rack-space tall and 5-rack-space models. A sliding shelf provides access to splice trays and routing guides. The housing has top and bottom rear removable access panels for vertical pigtail entry from the CLSSC-03U or CLSSC-04U housings and lockable front and rear doors (with the optional lock kits).

Features And Benefits

Universal cable clamp
Cable strain-relief

Open-side design
Easy fiber egress

Projection- or flush- mountable
Various installation options

Multiple grommeted cable entry ports
Installation options and protection

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