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    A unique modular solution, ONE is as the name denotes, one core module that facilitates and supports infinite possibilities. The ONE range comprises of a single core module, supported by a series of simple components to create building blocks, conceptualised to deliver inspiring configurations for inspiring spaces.

    The power of ONE lies in the simplicity of its componentry and assembly and makes it truly distinctive in a market of me-too products. The unique combination of elements creates a multitude of functionalities, that build up like a jigsaw puzzle, allowing the specifier to consistently adapt and evolve ONE to ensure that it develops alongside their space.

    Customisation is an integral part of ONE, with an array of accompaniments and embellishments available to create a truly space-defining solution. Tables, lighting, and power are all offered, as well as the opportunity for flexibility on the fabric finishes, with solid, multi-position or tri-colour upholstery available on the core seating module.

    • Product specifications:

      • Powder coated steel frame available in fine textured black, pine green and wine red.
      • Cladding surrounds, media wall and privacy screens available in 12 MFC finishes.
      • Wide selection of fabric options.
      • Three fabric specification options; solid, multi-position, tri-colour.
      • Multiple ceiling options, plain or with lighting.
      • Three lighting option; LED strip lights, hexagon pendant and triple bulb pendant.
      • Three table sizes options.
      • Tabletops available in 18mm MFC finishes.
      • Media unit features TV bracket and integrated power. Available in 12 MFC finishes.
      • Media unit can hold up to a 50inch monitor.
    Техническая спецификация
    • Уникальная ссылкаone
    • Тип продукцииConnection
    • Группа продукцииONE
    • ТипОбъект (один объект)
    • Дата публикации2024-03-26
    • Номер версии1
    • Высота (мм)2314
    • Ширина (мм)1000
    • Глубина (мм)700
    • Основной материалМеталл
    • Вспомогательный материалДСП, отделанная меламином
    • Масса нетто (кг)105
    • Категория BIMobjectМебель - Industry

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