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H+H's core activity is the manufacture and sale of wall building materials. The main product lines are autoclaved aerated concrete blocks and since 2018 calcium silicate units used for the residential new building segment. 

H+H has 28 factories in Northern and Central Europe and Northwest Russia with a total output of more than 4 million cubic metres of products annually and has a leading position in most of its markets. 

Autoclaved aerated concrete or aircrete has properties that are in demand in modern building design. It is eco-friendly, fire resistant, and provides good thermal insulation. Besides, it is with the low weight, easy and efficient to work with on the building site.

H+H customers can choose from a range of aircrete products, systems and solutions, for instance: thin-joint blocks and panels for interior and exterior walls as well as reinforced beams and lintels. 

H+H's customers are primarily contractors, developers and builders' merchants.

By being open to new ideas and solutions, H+H can offer a range of services and solutions to secure a high level of customer satisfaction. 

H+H has, during many years, achieved a solid experience in producing aircrete. The know-how and research have enabled a robust manufacturing process and, most importantly, products with strong product properties for the construction industry.

Key raw materials in aircrete are nature's own sand, water, lime and cement. The sand is ground in a mill and then mixed in an aqueous solution with lime and cement. Aluminium powder is added before the mass is poured into moulds. Aluminium powder is the aerating agent providing the important product properties thermal insulation and lightness. The still wet mass is then cut into desired sizes, which are autoclaved under steam pressure.

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